Monday, November 6, 2017

NMR project

group names:Ada,Nisha,Shayde and Reeko
 What did you contribute to:
The writing.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The process of conception

The definition of conception
→ the action of conceiving a baby or being conceived

From conception to birth
→ egg gets released to the fallopian tube.
→it stays there for about 24 hours waiting for a single sperm to fertilize.
→ all this happens on average, about 2 weeks after you last period.
→ then your baby starts to form.

How can we keep ourselves from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?
  1. Use latex condoms every time you have sex.
  2. Avoid using underclothing.
  3. Wash before and after intercourse.
  4. Get a vaccination for hepatitis B.
  5. Get tested for HIV.
  6. If you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse get help.
  7. Consider that not having sex is only the sur way to prevent STDs.

Seven scenarios


PROBLEM: I wonder if junior students agree/disagree with housing in NZ?
Prediction:We predict three quarters to all of the classes will have proper insulation and heating.

  • Survey
Kia ora Parents/Caregivers

We would like you to fill out the following survey for our research, we are currently investigating the living conditions of Rotorua residents.
Please give this survey to your child so they can bring it back to 9 FFL
Thank you

Thinking about where you live now, do you currently,
  1. Rent your home   ⬜

  1. Own your own home (or have a mortgage)  ⬜

  1. Other (please specify):__________________

     2. Do you have any Insulation Please tick,  ⬜Yes  ⬜No
         If yes please specify __________________________

     3. What sort of heating do you have in your house?
          ⬜ Fire                              ⬜Thermal

          ⬜Electric Heater             ⬜ Eco Burner

          ⬜Heat Pump                   ⬜Underground heating

          ⬜Gas                               ⬜Other (please specify):______________

         Kind regards, Shayde and Reeko

Data, …..
We have surveyed 30 people half of
which were year 9 and the other half year 10 this is the results:

Who Owns their Home:
11111 11111 11
Who Rents their Home:
11111 11111 11111

Who has insulation?
11111 11111 11111 1111
Who doesn’t have insulation?

Science block 2

NH2=nitrogen + hydrogen x2
c2= carbon x2
c3= carbon x3
CN=carbon +nitrogen
CH=carbon + hydrogen
HCN=hydrogen + carbon + nitrogen
C2H2=carbon x2 +hydrogen x2
c2h6=carbon x2 + hydrogen x6
NH3=  nitrogen + hydrogen x3

What does C2H2 mean?
  • It a high standard explosive gas using metal welding and cutting also called ethyne.

What is plastic made of?atoms and chemicals
Give examples of how plastic is used.
  • Toys
  • Shopping bags
  • Auto parts
  • Tents
  • Clothes
Describe and explain how plastic bags impact the environment.
-they can go into the rivers and the oceans and do damage to the seas and the animals in it and possibly might kill them
What are some alternatives of plastic bags?why do we not use them more?
  • Instead of using plastic bags you can use paper bags and cotton bags
Are plastic bags biodegradable?why/why not? Yes? And also paper bags as well in the matter of weeks they can be recycled but plastic bags can’t because of it being inefficient.

What is the message that this video clip is trying to get across?
For people to stop leaving plastic bags all over the place and to them from going to the rivers and the oceans.
How have they done this?
By making a video to convince people to stop leaving plastic bags everywhere so they can stop them from going into waters.
What is the life cycle of a plastic bag?

Image result for what is the plastic bag life cycle

Chemistry of plastic bags

What are they made from?
  • Atoms, elements, and molecules?
Atoms: protons,neutrons, and electronic.
Elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.
Molecules: they are made up with atoms and held together with chemical bonds.

The periodic table

What is its purpose?
  • To show how much oxygen,iron etc… is in plastic bags to protect the environment and land field.

What does google say?
  • Periodic Table: Chemists and scientists arrange the elements using the Periodic table. Elements are listed in the table in order of their atomic number.

What does the book say?
  • No the don’t because periodic table is atomic of the elements.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Digital Compass

Digital Compass

  • Based on the decisions you made what was the outcome? for me to be making good decisions and to pause and think,no go and go for it.
  • What happens when you make the wrong decisions? everyone cyberbullies you and says nasty things about you that are not true and  and just makes you feel like you don't belong
  • What happens when you make the right decisions? then you are good to because you paused and thinked before posted something it is very important that you keep your page on private and never give your password and username to anyone.